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Reviewing: Keen Psychics – Top in its Class!

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I have tried Keen before, actually quite some time ago, and just the other day I decided to give it a try again. I find it is always good to have a regular reading and whether you are in need of tarot readings, astrology readings, love and relationship advice and anything else you need answers to, Keen is my preferred site.

Here is why:

Keen is one of the best and most reputable websites offering psychic readings today. Founded almost 10 years ago, Keen has a very large community of psychics of all kinds ready to answer your questions anytime of the day, or night!

I’m a huge fan of this website, not only because of the huge list of psychics available, but also for the rating system and feedback – it is simply brilliant! You do not have to rely on pure luck when choosing your psychic, instead you can choose a psychic with the speciality you require and then check the rating and feedback for this person. I looked for an experienced psychic, preferably a woman, with a speciality in love readings and with a good rating.

What I really like about Keen is that it works so smooth. Reaching Keen is easy and can be done anytime, anywhere by calling one of the gifted psychics on Keen toll free. Just pick a psychic from the list, click the “Call Now” button, fill in your details and the psychic you picked will call you back immediately – simply excellent!

Originally I had planned just to take the free 3 minute reading, but I quickly decided instead to go for the 10 minute reading for only $1.99, which is available for new customers only. Luckily, I had changed my credit card since the last time I had a reading and was able to take advantage of this fantastic deal.

I picked Anne (her screen name is Soulmate Reader 2002), and she was just great! Very positive … and most of all encouraging; definitely a psychic I will return to.

If you can’t wait for Anne (she is in high demand) you can easily find another good psychic. Just remember to examine both feedback and rating thoroughly, as not all readers are the same.

Another unique feature on Keen is the blogs. Your favorite psychic advisors on Keen are blogging, revealing not only valuable wisdom but also very fun personalities. On the blogs you can explore conversations on tarot, astrology, dating tips, law of attraction, healing wisdom, and much more.

Keen is highly recommended and offers the best in psychic readings, tarot readings, astrology readings, love readings and relationship advice from trusted advisors. You should definitely go ahead and give it a try – remember it’s FREE :-)

10 Minutes for $1.99

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    1. Ulla on March 5th, 2009 1:48 am

      I’ve tried Keen and they are just GREAT! Got a reading from Penny – she is very talented…

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