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Where Can I Find A Legitimate Free Psychic Reading?

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Are free readings all computerized and generalized, or are there really some out there where a real psychic spends time on you? It seems a waste to pay good money without knowing if your choice is a reliable and trustworthy one. I don’t trust reviews provided by clients, as they can post those themselves.

I understand your concern when considering a psychic reader. Sometimes however you may want to consider trusting the referrals left by former clients. Read the whole testimonial and try to see if it makes sense. Do all of the referrals seem to be written in the same format or do they appear to be written by separate individuals….
Most reliable psychics/intuitives will not give free readings for nothing at all in return…and why should they be expected to…I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to go to work and put in your hours and expect not to be paid for it….
Take care
Intuitive Reader/Psychic
Many Testimonials To My Credit and Repeat Clients

One of the many FREE psychic websites that I can honestly recommend is Keen Psychics – they offer
FREE Psychic Readings here!

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Reviewing: Keen Psychics – Top in its Class!

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FREE Psychic Reading
Our rating:

I have tried Keen before, actually quite some time ago, and just the other day I decided to give it a try again. I find it is always good to have a regular reading and whether you are in need of tarot readings, astrology readings, love and relationship advice and anything else you need answers to, Keen is my preferred site.

Here is why:

Keen is one of the best and most reputable websites offering psychic readings today. Founded almost 10 years ago, Keen has a very large community of psychics of all kinds ready to answer your questions anytime of the day, or night!

I’m a huge fan of this website, not only because of the huge list of psychics available, but also for the rating system and feedback – it is simply brilliant! You do not have to rely on pure luck when choosing your psychic, instead you can choose a psychic with the speciality you require and then check the rating and feedback for this person. I looked for an experienced psychic, preferably a woman, with a speciality in love readings and with a good rating.

What I really like about Keen is that it works so smooth. Reaching Keen is easy and can be done anytime, anywhere by calling one of the gifted psychics on Keen toll free. Just pick a psychic from the list, click the “Call Now” button, fill in your details and the psychic you picked will call you back immediately – simply excellent!

Originally I had planned just to take the free 3 minute reading, but I quickly decided instead to go for the 10 minute reading for only $1.99, which is available for new customers only. Luckily, I had changed my credit card since the last time I had a reading and was able to take advantage of this fantastic deal.

I picked Anne (her screen name is Soulmate Reader 2002), and she was just great! Very positive … and most of all encouraging; definitely a psychic I will return to.

If you can’t wait for Anne (she is in high demand) you can easily find another good psychic. Just remember to examine both feedback and rating thoroughly, as not all readers are the same.

Another unique feature on Keen is the blogs. Your favorite psychic advisors on Keen are blogging, revealing not only valuable wisdom but also very fun personalities. On the blogs you can explore conversations on tarot, astrology, dating tips, law of attraction, healing wisdom, and much more.

Keen is highly recommended and offers the best in psychic readings, tarot readings, astrology readings, love readings and relationship advice from trusted advisors. You should definitely go ahead and give it a try – remember it’s FREE :-)

10 Minutes for $1.99

    • destiny vs. free will – is every event of our lives predetermined? is our entire course laid out for us and no matter what we do or how we try to avoid it, our lives will unfold in some predetermined way? is there such a thing as fate or destiny? …

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    Have You Ever Had An Accurate Psychic Reading?

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    While answering someone else’s question, this one popped into my head. If you have, what type of psychic was it?

    I had a tarot card reading and she was right on the money with me and my family and life. she told me things nobody would of known but myself. she was great. Also most of the things she said came true years down the road.

    I had my palm read and she told me I had just had a raise at work (I had), she told me that if me and my boyfriend ever split up, it would be his fault (we did and it was) and she also told me that my grandparents were moving house. They didn’t.
    Accurate or just good guessing???

    Btw. – if you want to listen to some very nice music that stimulates psychic abilities, take a look at

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    Looking 4 Free Psychic Online Chat Reading Rooms With Free Readers Who Answer One Or Two Questions For Free?

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    Does anyone know of any websites like this one
    that answers one free question ONLY…..Been googling for free online psychic reading chat rooms or free psychic readings one free question and I’m having a little trouble.
    Lost my job and really can’t afford several hundred dollar reading and being that I have massive bills to pay and credit card is what I don’t own thank god…I refuse to use a debit card to get my reading done.
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    A time of prosperity and profit. Success and generosity in material things. Power and influence turned to noble pursuits. Philanthropy, and the balancing of physical and spiritual life. May suggest gifts or aid to one in need.
    The card visible at the center of the cross represents the obstacle that stands in your way – it may even be something that sounds good but is not actually to your benefit.

    Ten of Swords (Ruin):

    Crushing defeat brought about by idle intellectualism divorced from reality. Sadness and desolation in the aftermath of a catastrophic and total collapse. A decisive conclusion brought about through the swift and merciless application of overwhelming force.

    The card at the top of the cross represents your goal, or the best you can achieve without a dramatic change of priorities. Temperance: Calm and restraint. Self-control, patience and tact in handling situations. The act of applying balanced spiritual and psychic forces to physical life.

    The card at the bottom of the cross represents the foundation on which the situation is based. Queen of Swords: The essence of air behaving as water, such as a refreshing mist: A person gifted with both keen logic and natural intuition, giving them uncanny powers of perception and insight. One who easily sees past deception and confusion to the heart of a matter, and understands both sides of any argument. The embodiment of calm, forthrightness, and wit, in the face of even the most trying circumstances.

    The card at the left of the cross represents a passing influence or something to be released. Queen of Cups: The essence of water, such as a deep and placid lake: Spirituality, maturity, and grace. A natural counselor and healer, One whose relaxed presence seems to embody deep love and spirituality. A tranquil poet who reflects the nature of the observer. The embrace of all things dreamlike and receptive, such as perfect and unconditional love.

    The card at the right of the cross represents an approaching influence or something to be embraced. Ace of Wands: The seed of a new venture – perhaps as yet unseen. An opportunity to be met with boldness, vigor, and enthusiasm. The herald of birth, invention, or entrepreneurship. An innate and primal force released. May suggest a surge of vitality, creativity, or fertility that can set things in motion.
    The card at the base of the staff represents your role or attitude.

    Page of Wands: The essence of fire behaving as earth, such as wood or coal: The surprising appearance of a new passion. An adventurer who blazes through life, acting as a catalyst that others may harness. The intense enthusiasm and childlike imagination that fuels any new venture, needing only the application of mind and material to make it a success. Inner fire that can drive away fear and replace it with fury. Can represent a person of some timidity, but whose innate passion can be easily ignited. May indicate the birth of a child.
    The card second from the bottom of the staff represents your environment and the people you are interacting with. Page of Cups: The essence of water behaving as earth, such as a wellspring: An unexpected new relationship that is playful and spontaneous. A romantic soul who embraces compassion and imagination with childlike joy. Gentle reflections on love, spirituality, and the importance of personal relationships in business and material affairs. May herald the birth of a child.
    The card second from the top of the staff represents your hopes, fears, or an unexpected element that will come into play. The Hierophant: Faith in tradition and the old school. A justified and ancient source of power. Being supportive, sympathetic and loyal. Receiving instructions, learning, guidance or inspiration. The ability to hear a higher or inner voice. May also indicate a religious ritual, such as a marriage or an initiation.
    The card at the top of the staff represents the ultimate outcome should you continue on this course. Nine of Wands (Strength): A pause in the current struggle to ready oneself. Preparation to meet the final conclusive onslaught. Forces assembled in anticipation of trials and tribulations. The steeling of the will to stand or fall. A line drawn in the sand.

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    Any Psychics Out There Or Clairvoyant People?

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    Can you sense anything about me? By they way,I look nothing like I do in my profile picture. Thanks for your answers.

    I can if you’re willing to give a picture. I am clairvoyant, but it’s not my strongest gift. It’s actually my weakest. My strongest gift is my clairsentience–I feel. And I’m very good at feeling things based on pictures. Got a myspace or “facebook” account with a picture you can send me to? But mostly… I can’t call on it yet. Stuff just comes to me.
    Hmmm…. right now I sense that you’re young, maybe late 20’s at the very most, inquisitive, a good sense of humor, almost a wicked one, you like teasing people, making them think, and you’re trying to suss out a real psychic either b/c you have questions or b/c you, like many on here, aren’t sure psychics are for real (I suspect the former rather than the latter, but I’m getting both at the moment). You’re not shy, but not super out-going either, sort of in the middle. You like being around people, but not the life of the party.
    How’d I do? You can email me through my profile if I’m correct.

    did a Tarot reading for you ;

    The Devil
    The Devil Divinatory Meaning: The positive aspect of the devil is a healthy bond or commitment. If it’s drawn with the question of marriage in mind, it’s a good omen. In other cases however, the Devil is associated with lust and temptation and may mean a bondage to other things not so healthy for us such as additions, chemical abuse, drunk on power, or clinging to beliefs that do us more harm than good. There are also other kinds of bondage we can suffer from. This may be a case where we are fooling ourselves into believing something blatantly not good for us. An example might be thinking that getting drunk every night on red wine will make us live longer. If the Devil appears in your card, review the course you are on and make sure you’re not following a course more out of lower emotions such as lust, greed or desire, versus higher ones like love and altruism.

    The Hanged Man
    The Hanged Man Divinatory Meaning: The hanged man is a card that relates to self-sacrifice in order to attain a higher spiritual goal. The upside down position can reflect that this person is an outcast of society and tends to follow his or her own inner voice. The fact that the man is suspended upside down can represent a time of transition, limbo or a pause in life until something or someone is sacrificed for the greater gain of others. This card has been linked to spiritual lives such as Christ’s and the legends of Osiris where the destruction of the ego brings greater meaning and awareness to society. A negative slant on this card would represent poor health, a weakness of will, selfishness and a person who uses their self-sacrifice ways to become a martyr. It suggests patience and to watch out for paths that lead in a bad direction.

    The World
    Divinatory Meaning: This card depicts multiple elements of the word and beyond, signifying ‘wholeness’. It is both man and angel, bird and beast. It’s a good card to draw in that it represents completeness, contentment, harmony, success, prosperity and personal realization. This card can also mean the shedding of old and making way for the new. It encourages us to be patient, and if there is a negative side to this card it would be stagnation, impatience, and a soft will. However, the major thrust of this card is that the events of our life, in this world, are coming together to fulfill our dreams!

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    How Can I Learn To Develop My Psychic And Clairvoyant Abilities?

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    I know that I have them, but I want them to be more intense and useful for myself and others. So, what can I do for myself to really hone in on the Psychic and Clairvoyant abilities that I know that I possess? Thank You.

    Some replies from readers:

    First, relax. Life is a journey, not a destination.
    Second, listen to your heart/intuition.
    Third, guide your own destiny.
    Fourth, seek out people with the same abilities as your own, that’s the best way to hone your skills – by using them, and believing in yourself and your abilities, and intuitions.

    You can sharpen your abilities by practicing meditation and stengthening your connection with spirit and also by paying attention to what you’re sensing in your day to day life – noticing how often you are right on will give you confidence.

    Slow your mind. Modern life tends to wind us up; literally speeding up our brainwave frequency. Normal daily, wide-awake, states of consciousness are Beta frequency 14 up to 20+ cycles per second. Beta level brainwave activity is too fast to allow psychic connections. So the practices of meditation and relaxation methods you are comfortable with are the first steps to develop psychic ability. More advanced help on the following pages:
    Here is my quick step-by-step script for accessing your psychic state of mind. With a free MP3 to download.…
    There’s also a good FREE psychic mini-course here

    Become a “Spiritual Healer” which is taught at Spiritualist churches. This activates the energies which are latent in us all,in various degrees & you’ll find that you may surprise yourself. There are around 30,000 registered Spiritual healer’s in U.K. alone !

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    How Do You Release Your Inner Psychic?

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    I have heard many times that everyone is psychic deep inside. I do believe in psychic ablilities, however, I doubt the super psychics like Sylivia Browne. Anyway, I’ve always felt that I have a strong intuition, and I’m smarter than the average bear. If everyone is psychic, how do you tap into your gift?

    Try meditating. Seriously. Find a ‘quiet’ place that you are comfy and won’t be disturbed and meditate.
    There are all kinds of meditation…But I think that you really don’t have to do all of the fancy stuff if you really don’t have to.
    I like it if I can’t hear anything so I wear those big ear things that look like giant ear muffs.
    Then I make sure that the phone is off and that all of the animals are happy and not going to want anything. I lock the doors and shut the curtains and go way back in the house to my bedroom and get comfy sitting on my bed with pillows behind me.
    I start by relaxing. And boy howdy, let me tell ya, sometimes that is the hardest thing to do.
    So I start by breathing easier and slower. Then I mentally go to my toes and relax them. Every single toe. And they all have to be truly relaxed or I can’t go on. It would spoil the whole thing.
    It’s like trying to get all of the bubbles worked out of something that you are gluing down to a smooth surface. That one little bubble messed up the whole thing and the end product is worthless.
    It’s really important that you get every single muscle that you can feel in your body to not be felt anymore. That’s how you can tell that you are really relaxed. And you will be amazed at how tight your muscles are. This could take a while. I try to have all of this done in 15 minutes. At first it used to take me a long time.
    Then you let your mind show you what ever it is that you see.
    But try to stay inside of yourself. Like you don’t want to be hopping on a bus and heading to your friends house because that is where you let your mind run away to.
    Just keep channeling IN. Somewhere in there you will find things that you had no idea you had the ability to reach. It should be a happy safari type thing. And you need to focus on light, good things that you know are in there.
    You are real lucky if you have all this happen so smooth the first time. It takes time to get to know yourself. Your inner self. Geez, that just made me sound like some kind of Yogi guy or something. Because I sure ain’t.
    Practice, practice, practice….and then do it some more.
    Maybe you will start seeing things that are going to happen.
    You should really tap into that.
    The hardest thing that I have found in doing all of this is……… trying really hard not to fall asleep! I sometimes have a rough time staying focused and take a freakin’ nap.
    Anyway, this is only one way of doing what you are looking for. There are allot of different things that you can do out there.
    I sincerely hope that you find the thing that works best for you and you hone in on your skills.
    Take good care ;o)

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    What Are Some Signs Of Possesing Psychic Abilities?

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    I think i might be psychic, but I’m not sure. I can’t predict the future or guess playing cards. Are there other signs of being ESP or possesing psychic skills? I just have a nagging urge I’m different, but I can’t exactly pinpoint why or how.

    There are chat rooms in yahoo for psychic people. Do you sometimes know the answer to a question but don’t know why? Do you have dreams that come true? Do you see energy around a persons body that others can’t see? Do you get images in your head of things that you know you havne’t seen before? Can you recall events from the distant past that you havne’t seen? Can you predict what will happen in events that your are part of now? Like tossing dice. Do you hear voices that no one else hears? These are all psychic abilities. Plus the usual card readers and palm readers use intuative abilities.

    I believe we are all psychic, but for the majority the gift or the belief has been long knocked out of them. Educated out is another way of looking at it. Many professional psychics have grown up in a psychic friendly environment. Perhaps a grand-parent or parent with the knowledge has helped bring the extra sense out in the open and encouraged its use. But there are as many practicing psychics who have not had the benefit of caring psychic guidance and who have still managed to develop and hone this natural extra sense.
    To tap into your intuition and unleash your hidden psychic talents go here.

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    How Can I Tell How Accurate A Psychic Reading Was?

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    I just got a psychic reading over the phone and I want to know if I should follow the advice. How do I tell the accuracy of the psychic without blindly following the advice?


    A Psychic should be able to Tell you parts of Your past that only you know Your present situation. And your future Without you Even Saying anything. They should not start by asking you your Birth sign. And should tell you more than. Oh I see you have had a bad relationship in the past, Who the bloody well as not. Plus if they say I can see money problems its mainly they are telling you ,I am just about to rip you off. So if they can tell you something about your past that you only know, A situation that you are going through at present, and A future event that will happen a a couple of weeks not a couple of years.

    I would say 99.9% of the psychics you speak with over the phone are frauds, thats not to say I believe in psychics at all, or I endorse seeking their advice…
    If you feel as though you believe in psychics and do wish to seek their advice, I would think it would be much better for you to actually see one in person, as they can connect with you on more levels, other than voice over a phone line, with hundred’s of miles between you.
    I think that if the psychic did have anything important to say, you will know deep down inside…and if they told you to call back tomorrow…dont!

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    Famous Psychic Says Swine Flu Will Not Be the Black Plague, More Like Legionnaires’ Disease

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    swine fluPsychic Intuitive to the stars Peggy Rometo does not foresee the swine flu becoming a deadly epidemic; predicts a U.S. death toll of less than ten, school closings, flight cancellations and more.

    By The Staff at
    © Getty Images

    Last Friday, millions watched as a never-before-seen strain of influenza, mutated from pigs, emerged onto the world stage. Known as “swine flu,” the new virus killed a swath of people in Mexico and has caused milder illness — and one death — in the United States and elsewhere. In response, the World Health Organization raised the pandemic alert system to phase 4 from phase 3, indicating that the disease is now being spread person to person. There are now at least 64 confirmed cases of swine flu in the United States; Spain and Scotland also reported victims, raising fears that the virus has already spread throughout Europe. Mexico, which has, so far, 159 suspected swine-flu-related deaths, continues to be the epicenter of the disease; U.S. officials warned against unnecessary travel there, and the European Union has called on travelers to avoid both the United States and Mexico. We asked wOw Intuitive Peggy Rometo for the goods on the emerging crisis. Here’s what she said.

    Will swine flu become a global pandemic?

    Peggy Rometo: No. This is an ailment that reminds me of Legionnaire’s disease; it’s dangerous, but can be contained. This will not be a deadly epidemic like the Black Plague, or strike in numbers anywhere near those of AIDS or cancer. There is legitimate concern; this is clearly an issue the medical profession needs to address, which they are doing. But stress breeds stress; and it’s important to remain calm and attentive, and to follow through with common-sense measures such as hand washing.

    wOw: How long will concern about this disease be front and center?

    Peggy: It will be a lead story in the news for the next four to six weeks. Then it will recede — similar to the trajectory of Mad-Cow Disease. It will, however, remain in the background for a very long time. We just won’t live and die by it.

    wOw: Is there a vaccine in sight?

    Peggy: A prescriptive measure is now being formalized that will help to minimize symptoms and aid in containment. My sense is also that scientists will discover more about how temperature assists in the growth or stagnation of this organism. As with Legionnaire’s, we may not end up with a true vaccine — but we will nevertheless learn to control this disease. I also feel that swine flu is the kind of ailment that will exist in varying degrees, which will depend on the patient’s current immune and respiratory systems: People will come down with an either severe or mild case.

    wOw: Will there be any more deaths in the U.S. this year?

    Peggy: I feel the number of deaths will be very small — under ten — and that the individuals involved will be more susceptible to disease (for example, the elderly) or have a pre-existing condition (for example, asthmatics). The United States will be less vulnerable to swine flu because of our relatively high standard of living and health care. My sense is also that pollution plays a vital role in this outbreak; parts of the world with cleaner air will not be as affected due to healthier lungs and immune systems.

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