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Live Online Psychic Reading – Step by Step

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Engaging in a live online psychic reading might be intimidating at first; What should I ask for?, What will the psychic medium think of me? Can I trust this person or not? And many other questions.

In this article I’ll take you through the steps in your first psychic chat, so you will know what to expect and ask for.

Know you topic – what do you want to know something about?

It is important that you ask yourself what you want answers to in the free psychic reading. Is it about you love life, about relationships, your career or anything something else in your life?

Although you might have several questions covering several topics, choose one major topic for your online psychic reading. Write down your major topic and your questions to that topic. You might not get an answer to all of your questions, but failing to have a list might leave your frustrated when the reading is finished if you forgot some of your most important questions.

Choose you psychic chat room carefully.

When you have determined the topic for your first online psychic chat, it is time to visit the psychic chatrooms. There are a lot of free psychic chat rooms and a lot of psychic chat sites where you have to pay.

Be sure to shop around and read what the different psychic sites has to offer and what kind of fee they charge you.

You may find free tarot readings online, but remember that psychics can’t make a living of giving away their skills – the free clairvoyant readings or free physic readings are just small demonstrations of what you can expect in the full paid reading.

One of the many FREE psychic websites that I can honestly recommend is Keen Psychics – they offer
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Decide what kind of reading you want.

Are you looking for free clairvoyant readings or free tarot readings online? Or real psychic readings ? It is important to know the difference between the different mediums and their psychic skills when looking for live online psychic readings. Different types of psychics have different ways of conducting the reading, and you have to be familiar with the tools and methods they use, otherwise you might feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable.

I will explain the different kinds of free psychic readings in another post, just mention a few here:

  • Tarot card reading
  • Clairvoyance
  • Astrology
  • Crystal Ball gazing
  • Telepathy

– and many more.

Choose your psychic medium.

The success of a free psychic reading is very much depending of mutual trust and respect. Don’t just pick the first psychic medium that the site offers. Instead you should read about this mediums specific area of expertise and experience. Is the psychic a specialist in love readings or career guidance? For how long has the psychic been exercising his or her skills? What kind of references and exams and psychic certifications does the psychic hold? Do not be afraid to ask these questions up front – a real psychic readings medium will have no trouble in answering whatever questions you might have.

Take a test drive.

After determining the topic for the reading, deciding which psychic chat room to use and which specific psychic medium to try, it is time to make a test drive.

First you should engage in free physic readings, where you can ask the medium some initial questions to see if you indeed trust this person and feel comfortable. Remember that some free physic readings may be public, so do not disclose any private information. Use your list from step one and use this as your guideline throughout the reading. If you are content with the progress of the free physic reading, you can then accept to continue the reading for the fee agreed upon.

Evaluate your experience.

It is easy to feel very overwhelmed after a free psychic reading, even more so if it is your first, but take your time to reflect upon the reading and your feelings about it.

  • Was is what you had expected?
  • Did you like and trust the psychic?
  • Were you questions answered?
  • Did you understand the psychic and was he or she listening to what you had to say?

After evaluating the live online psychic reading you can decide if that kind of reading was something for you and if the psychic was good for you.

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