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Is It Possible For Someone To Be Psychic?

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How do you go about becoming psychic? Were you born that way? Did a tramatic experience happen that allowed for u to become that way? I have never had a psychic reading but i am very curious.

Depends on your own personal beliefs.
If you look closely at quantum physics there are many things there which indicate the possibility of being able to manipulate the environment around us via the use of brainwaves or other sources of energy manipulation. i.e. dualism, string theory etc.
I have always been aware of something “odd” with me since the age of 9 and started to properly get into it at the age of 13. I did go through a major surge of psychic phenomena at the age of 15, which one of my pagan friends (she’s been a pagan for over 30 years) described as me going through my “quickening”, which is a period of time where your metaphorical psychic doors burst open and you receive a massive flood of energies/extra sensory information which can be very hard to focus on and control.
Took me many months and years to meditate and learn how to focus these abilities so much so that they didn’t affect my day-to-day life any more.

No truamatic experience has attributed to my psychic powers (although I did have a near-death experience but I haven’t been able to verify if that would’ve been responsible for anything). As far as I’m aware, a traumatic experience would be more likely to close you up, as you are focussing so much on your fear/grief, whatever the traumatic experience had produced.

So, yes, it’s possible to be psychic. Having psychic abilities is like being able to draw, but it’s not as common. It’s definitely some your born with. I’ve found it tends to skip generations. So if the grandmother is psychic, one of her grandchildren will also be psychic.

There are many people that fake being psychic. The way you can tell a true psychic is if you don’t have to be there while they give the reading. They don’t need anything from you. They meditate and tune into your wave spiritual wavelength. When this happens, they almost become part of you. They then write down how they feel and what they’re thinking. They don’t predict a definite future for you. They predict a likely future if you keep doing whatever it is you’re doing. Your future is not cast in stone.

I’ll tell you about something that happened to me. I had a reading that mentioned I would be going on a trip. I was warned not to stay to long or it would cost me a lot of money. Later that year, I went out to visit my parents. I intended to stay for two weeks. But while I was there I extended the trip.

And then I extended it again. I couldn’t extend it anymore than that because I had to get back home. On the last day of my second extension, I got into an accident in my father’s truck. My insurance wouldn’t cover it. And I had to pay $2500 to get the truck fixed. If I hadn’t extended the trip a second time, I never would have gotten into that accident. I was warned not to stay too long. But I did. And it cost me.
Let me know if you’d be interested in a reading. I can refer you to a true psychic.

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9 Responses to “Is It Possible For Someone To Be Psychic?”

  1. DC on August 24th, 2009 10:38 pm

    “Consider this. If a paranormalist could really give an unequivocal demonstration of telepathy (precognition, psychokinesis, reincarnation, whatever it is), he would be the discoverer of a totally new principle unknown to physical science. The discoverer of the new energy field that links mind to mind in telepathy, or of the new fundamental force that moves objects around a table top, deserves a Nobel prize and would probably get one. If you are in possession of this revolutionary secret of science, why not prove it and be hailed as the new Newton? Of course, we know the answer. You can’t do it. You are a fake.”
    -Richard Dawkins

  2. Google Money on August 25th, 2009 4:19 am

    We are all gifted with intuition. But there are others who have heightened senses and possess accurate perceptions. Distraction or lack of focus is the reason why people fail to listen to their inner senses. As to physic reading, I don’t believe these people can really see our future. Scientifically speaking, it’s just energy transference. Maybe they see desperation in you that’s why they have to say what they think you needed to hear. No one can really predict the future because it not constant.

  3. Auriya on August 25th, 2009 6:28 am

    I can’t rule out some people being true psychic, but majority are only after money. It would be from a young age. Some claim they can play around with other realms which i don’t think is too wise if they truely can. I have never had a psychic reading however and never will.
    I believe in fate, and us all having a purpose.

  4. modernPr on August 25th, 2009 12:07 pm

    You can develop psychism through the practice of Kundalini yoga and various other types of yoga and occult practices. Be careful of frauds. Rather develop your own intuition.

  5. sly phy .. evil apricot on August 25th, 2009 2:35 pm

    Not possible.
    The simple fact is that all psychics are shonks who will take your money from you.
    If you want useful advice – go to university and learn something.

  6. llamaxco on August 25th, 2009 7:37 pm

    All people claiming to be psychics are frauds that want your money. There’s no reason to think anyone is a psychic.

  7. JC Rules! on August 26th, 2009 1:27 am

    No, not really because the information comes from God.

  8. Paul G. on October 10th, 2009 10:03 am

    Throughout my childhood, I had a lot of incidences that happened to me that I could not explain. Like at the age of 9 through 14, I was able to guess the sex and due dates of unborn children. By the age of 18, it had turned into more tramatic incidences such as walking past someone in a store and seeing them involved in a vehicle accident or what have you.

    I turned to my mother for advice on this because I could not understand what was going on. She explained to me that she also was gifted with the power of ESP but due to the lack of interest, she never pushed herself to make her gift stronger.

    She advised me to do the same because I could cause myself much more harm than good in society.

    So I followed through with her advice. To this day, I still have those visions as I see people. The first time I actually came out with my gift, a woman I worked with was going through family issues at home.

    One day while we were at work, I over heard her crying in her office to another associate about how her husband was treating her and that it was making her literarly sick to her stomach over the grief.

    That afternoon while the both of us stood in line at a snack machine, I instantly had a vision of her holding a baby in her arms. I quickly spoke up without hesitation and congradulated her on being pregnant.

    She looked at me with a shocked look on her face and snapped that she was not pregnant and to please dont ever speak to her again.

    A few days had gone by and while I was standing outside of the office smoking a cigarette, she walked out of the door and immediately approached me.

    She asked me in a harsh tone of voice how in the hell did I know she was pregnant. Quickly thinking of a reason, I told her that I over heard her talking to her co-worker about it. She said that I couldn’t have heard that conversation because she didn’t even know she was pregnant until the day before.

    We began talking on a daily basis from that point on and would even eat lunch and take breaks together.

    A few weeks had gone by. Her husband had left her. She was in dire straits not knowing how she could raise a second child by herself. She then came to me one day crying saying that she had lost her baby that morning in the stool.

    Before I could think twice, I looked up at her and told her to go to the doctor because she did not lose the baby and everything was going to be fine. Once again, she became angry with me and while still crying, she walked away without saying another word.

    That following morning, she met up with me before work and asked me how I knew that she had not lost her baby. I asked her to sit down and I explained to her my gift.

    Needless to say, during the rest of her pregnantcy, I was able to guess the sex and the birth date of her child. On that date I predicted, one month premature, she gave birth to a slightly under weight but very healthy baby girl.

    The child is now almost in her teens and I haven’t seen neither of them because I had moved out of town.

    I still have those visions but refuse to share my gift with anyone in fear of being casted out of society.

    Please for those of you who demand that there are no such things as people with ESP or being psychic – Don’t judge them because of your own beliefs. Get all the facts before you cast judgement on anyone you don’t know. There are a lot of us out there who do have the gift and who do not use it for MONEY or ATTENTION. For some, it can simply be a burden more than a gift.

    Thank you.

  9. soeaslyconned on November 16th, 2010 7:21 pm

    I totally think we ALL have some kind of psychic power in us,some people just know how to abuse it with NO guilt in their minds at the time,,,Because money is their main objective…BUT what goes around comes around eventually,in yourself,friends or family.Be careful and be good ,only good will come to you if you be good.All you need too do is have patience

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