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How to choose the right Free Psychic Chat Room

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Online psychic readings has grown immensely popular over the last decade, and a look on the many message boards, blog posts and banner ads shows that this service often is offered for free. But take care – many of these are frauds and scam artists looking out to cheat people seeking advice and guidance in their lives. Offering free psychic readings or live online psychic reading, these scam artists are making it difficult for honest and real psychic mediums to get the credit and respect they deserve.

And there ARE good, honest psychics online – this post will help you avoid the pitfalls and find the true gems.

So, first of all, the question you might ask yourself is: “are ANY of the free psychic chat rooms really any good?” Well, definitely not all of them, but some of them are. They offer the free chat rooms as a sort of trial on their abilities and this is your chance to make your own judgment on their honesty and skills before actually buying their psychic readings.

The free chat rooms are most often semi public (within the chat room of course), and the readings are not in debt readings, but should rather be seen as proof of the psychics skills. Of course psychics need to make a living too, and they just can’t give away their service for free. Instead they hope that their readings in the free psychic chat room will convince you to take on their service.

But how do you choose the right live online psychic reading and what shall you look for BEFORE spending both your time and your money?

1. The absolute best thing is to have the psychic recommended from a close friend or another person that you trust. Nothing beats personal experience and you should examine your entire network for experiences with online psychic readings. Even the negative ones will help you to know which ones to avoid.

2. If you start your search in your favorite search engine, don’t just type “free psychic readings” and blindly choose among the hit. You’ll probably end up with a no good fraud. Instead try using words like authentic, ethic, professional, licensed and similar terms. Chances are that you will avoid the most obvious cons.

3. In the site descriptions look for wording like “professional psychic readings “, “free psychic chat rooms “, “licensed psychic medium ” and the like. These are probably the ones you should look at in further detail.

4. When examining the website first take a holistic view: what is your overall impression of the site? Does is appeal to you, and does the wording and design of the site fit together? Do they offer a free trail? Are there any feed back from members? Maybe a forum with comments, which you can use to get a general feeling of the site? The word feeling is central here – does this site feel good to you?

5. If the site has passed the previous steps, you are ready to examine their free trial offer in more detail. Does the site offer a free newsletter with information on psychic readings and similar subjects? If so, this might indicate a site being serious – look for previous newsletters before signing up. Does the site offer free psychic chat rooms ? If so, please remember that these readings are not thoroughly readings, but rather a free test on the psychics abilities, so take them for what they are – free trials.

Hopefully the above advice will help you avoid the scammers and find the real and honest psychic readers for a live online psychic reading. And even if you do end up with a dishonest or just plain un-talented person, don’t give up – keep looking and you will find the right psyches medium for you.

Please feel free to leave a comment on your experiences – good as well as bad.

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