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The development-oriented astrology considers the moon’s position in horoscopes, as a symbol of our past and the secure harbor in our life. But also as a major obstacle to raising and developing of our individual nature, represented by the sun’s location in horoscopes. In any horoscope there is, seen in that perspective, an awareness development and journey, going from the qualities are reflected through the lunar location of signs and house in the sun.

The Moon is a manifestation of the instinctive and unconscious urges within us, that keeps us in familiar and comfortable patterns of behavior, as we learned them in our early upbringing. The Moon is, in other words, our social heritage and the emotional baggage, we brings with us. The Moon is the single child, you always bear with you and through strong emotional ties and expressions, controls your behavior through feelings of insecurity and security. We all need security, but we must develop ourselves, we need to know our inner child, and take it by hand on the road to greater freedom and autonomy. It is often a painful process, for the single child has great depths of vulnerability, which unrecognized prevents us from being the one we are.

If you know your moon placement in signs, then you have an important key to understanding some of your most important emotional needs, which on the one side should be safeguarded, but also should be lifted into the bright light of consciousness. It is you as a individual, who must determine your behavior and not your unconscious reactions, which are often based on the child’s early survival strategies.

The following is a series of very short, straightforward, humorous but also very incomplete descriptions of the child’s natural reaction patterns, when the moon is in various astro logical signs. I have deliberately chosen to focus on the difficult issues, for in these the challenge lies. But remember that no child is ever evolving through the condemnation and criticism. Love, understanding, humor and a good dose of patience should always be the attitude, which carries an effort to change a child’s inappropriate behavior.

Moon in Aries – the petulant child
This child will do everything themselves and do not want help from anyone. Children have a deep emotional need to compete, be the best and making overcoming any of life’s resistors (other people) into a holy war. Feeling comfortable in the role, as the independent, strong and independent person. When illness or life circumstances make it impossible to maintain the role, the child often responds with petulant anger and strong emotional shock. This child must be helped to seek the support of others and recognize the vulnerability that lies in performance, which only relies on its own resources. No human being will get far in this world all alone.

Moon in Taurus – the stubborn child
This child must abandon its almost legendary possessiveness. Give up the illusory sense of security, which can be achieved by the temporary possessions. Nothing in life is forever and everything is changing, whether it’s the people around us or our material conditions. This child reacts in many of life’s situations with a stubborn insistence on the status quo and must learn to flow with the winds of change and arrange to turn. The dependence on material possessions can be replaced by the realization: Security is something that comes from within when one knows its internal resources.

Moon in Gemini – the restless child
This child must be helped to overcome its fear of being an adult and bound by the responsibilities that come with growing up and engage in binding relationships with others. Must overcome its restless and superficial curiosity, which often leads to nothing implemented and completed in a way that can be drawn from the permanent experience. This child always think that the grass is greener on the other side, but must find security by the guidance of some self-reflecting norms, which ensures the consistency and constancy in life.

Moon in Cancer – the introverted child
This child must climb down from the back of its relatives – and learn to get strength outside the family home and comfortable bosom. Must overcome its fear of being hurt and be outside. The challenge is to tackle a strong sensitivity and vulnerability, which often reacts with strong emotional rejection and withdrawal when the vulnerability is activated. Pain is an unavoidable factor in life that are not in the way, but as is the way to higher growth. This is one of the primary findings, this child must learn.

Moon in Leo – the self-recorded child
This child must give up being at the center in all situations. It has witnessed its mother’s great admiration and have an expectation that the world will see the same intrinsic magnificent. The strong tendency to dramatize the lives and exaggerating its own importance, must be replaced by an ability to search its big dream realized through a collective. The child feels safe only when it creates something great for others to admire, but it must be prepared that there not always is an applauding audience present, just because it enter a room. Greatness is to live an exemplary life, which benefits others.

Moon in Virgo – the perfectionist child
This child must stop the sometimes exaggerated ritual of everyday life, which is an attempt to bring security into a dangerous and chaotic world. Clean nails, polished floors and 10 different herbals does not necessarily keep disease and disorder at a distance. Dependence of having to be perfect must be diminished, the same goes for the sometimes criticizing and judicial behavior that makes life hard for everybody. Believing that life’s internal goodness and the underlying order, probably will bring perfection to all, is an important sense to develop. Outer cleanliness and order must be a reflection of what is inside, not a compensation.

Moon in Libra – the conflict avoiding child
The child sustained endeavor to create beautiful, glamorous and harmonious relations with its neighbors, which are often not based in reality. It feels that any disharmony and imbalance to the environment may be an evolutionary mistake. The child must learn to give up its dependence on the light and easy lounge life, where hard work and conflicts with the environment is something created by the devil. Conflict is, with a little good will, the substance which creates harmony.

Moon in Scorpio – that destructive child
This child must overcome its tendency to act as if it finds itself in a war zone. This expectation often results in a great need to check and suspect its surroundings as a means to survive. It’s actually not everyone who has the same passionate urges that this child is equipped with. This realization could create more confidence. Deep emotional relationship are not necessarily build by constantly pulling up the roots to study whether there is now gone disease in them. Transformation and destruction may be necessary for a relative growth, but so is peace and stability.

Moon in Sagittarius – the smart child
This child lives in a magical dream world where everything must be good enough in a minute. Whether that happens when it finds the jar with gold at the end of the rainbow, or more “realistic” winning 10 million in the weekly lottery. Feeling that this adventure is the truth that people must hear, and it has chosen to tell something big, must be replaced by more serious exchanges with the surroundings. The feeling of being a lonely pilgrim, who probably have to find the road is often a flight away from the prosaic obligations, which could lead to a much more realistic security.

Moon in Capricorn – the burdened child
This child must overcome the feeling that it must bear all the world’s burdens on its shoulders. It must try to confront its firm and conservative view that life has to suffer through self-imposed responsibility. It must therefore stop the internal school master, and the daily lecture about all life’s harsh realities. Their motto is often unconscious: Security is to feel bad, because at least you know what that is. It is a relief for themselves and others when they release their ambitious ideas about being an authority for their surroundings. They must learn that it is OK not to always be strong.

Moon in Aquarius – the reserved child
This child must overcome its unrealistic expectations for other people. It must abandon its dependence on other people to think and feel the same as it self. Children looking for the perfect membership, but is so superficial and uninvolved in the individual people that they must realize that it is first and foremost in love with an idea. This child delivers rarely even the substance as human relations are built from. Strong group registered membership requires personal commitment and profits in the people who represent the group. But the child fears this proximity, because it takes time and freedom.

Moon in Pisces – the self sacrificing child
This child must urgently recognize that he / she is not Christ and probably does not have been one of the 12 closest disciples. The child must, in other words, overcome its Messiah complex, and the feeling of having to be the ubiquity representative of the love principle. The word ‘no’ must be included as an integral part of our vocabulary, even if it means that the position as the self-sacrifice martyrs who enjoy suffering meaningful, must be abandoned. There is no one like this child, that enjoys being exploited by its surroundings, because it reinforces, in its self-perception of being converted. The child must critically assess its unrealistic expectations.

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