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What are Psychic Email Readings in the first place? Well as the name suggest, it is a reading done via email. Psychic readings started out as face to face readings, where the psychic reader would travel from place to place to perform real psychic readings.

Later, much later, psychics began to make authentic psychic readings via normal letters. They would advertise in the newspapers and much like the email readings done today, the person who wished a real psychic readings posted the questions and the psychic would reply back.

Later again,  with the invention of the telephone, psychics began to make telephone psychic readings. This "phone a psychic" is still in widespread use today, as many people likes to talk directly with the psychic. With the raising popularity of the Internet, email psychic readings has become very popular. The email readings are done on many psychic websites, such as Keen Psychics.

Some say that email psychic reading are not real psychic readings, but they are indeed authentic psychic readings . Sure, they are not live online psychic reading, like telephone psychic readings, but none the less quite good psychic readings.

One of the great advantages of a free email psychic reading is that you can really take your time in formulating your question. The email readings often takes place over many days or weeks, and can be very rewarding (not only for the psychic).  Before sending your questions to the free psychic , it is worth to think hard about how and what you ask for. Remember that the answer you get is closely related to the questions asked. Try to ask open questions, and not just questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no.

Good luck with your first email psychic reading !

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