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Famous Psychic Says Swine Flu Will Not Be the Black Plague, More Like Legionnaires’ Disease

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swine fluPsychic Intuitive to the stars Peggy Rometo does not foresee the swine flu becoming a deadly epidemic; predicts a U.S. death toll of less than ten, school closings, flight cancellations and more.

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Last Friday, millions watched as a never-before-seen strain of influenza, mutated from pigs, emerged onto the world stage. Known as “swine flu,” the new virus killed a swath of people in Mexico and has caused milder illness — and one death — in the United States and elsewhere. In response, the World Health Organization raised the pandemic alert system to phase 4 from phase 3, indicating that the disease is now being spread person to person. There are now at least 64 confirmed cases of swine flu in the United States; Spain and Scotland also reported victims, raising fears that the virus has already spread throughout Europe. Mexico, which has, so far, 159 suspected swine-flu-related deaths, continues to be the epicenter of the disease; U.S. officials warned against unnecessary travel there, and the European Union has called on travelers to avoid both the United States and Mexico. We asked wOw Intuitive Peggy Rometo for the goods on the emerging crisis. Here’s what she said.

Will swine flu become a global pandemic?

Peggy Rometo: No. This is an ailment that reminds me of Legionnaire’s disease; it’s dangerous, but can be contained. This will not be a deadly epidemic like the Black Plague, or strike in numbers anywhere near those of AIDS or cancer. There is legitimate concern; this is clearly an issue the medical profession needs to address, which they are doing. But stress breeds stress; and it’s important to remain calm and attentive, and to follow through with common-sense measures such as hand washing.

wOw: How long will concern about this disease be front and center?

Peggy: It will be a lead story in the news for the next four to six weeks. Then it will recede — similar to the trajectory of Mad-Cow Disease. It will, however, remain in the background for a very long time. We just won’t live and die by it.

wOw: Is there a vaccine in sight?

Peggy: A prescriptive measure is now being formalized that will help to minimize symptoms and aid in containment. My sense is also that scientists will discover more about how temperature assists in the growth or stagnation of this organism. As with Legionnaire’s, we may not end up with a true vaccine — but we will nevertheless learn to control this disease. I also feel that swine flu is the kind of ailment that will exist in varying degrees, which will depend on the patient’s current immune and respiratory systems: People will come down with an either severe or mild case.

wOw: Will there be any more deaths in the U.S. this year?

Peggy: I feel the number of deaths will be very small — under ten — and that the individuals involved will be more susceptible to disease (for example, the elderly) or have a pre-existing condition (for example, asthmatics). The United States will be less vulnerable to swine flu because of our relatively high standard of living and health care. My sense is also that pollution plays a vital role in this outbreak; parts of the world with cleaner air will not be as affected due to healthier lungs and immune systems.

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