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Psychic Clairvoyant Readings

In these uncertain times it is more important than ever to make informed decisions about your future. What if you could call on the skills of a highly intuitive advisor to provide clarity and insight into your life’s most puzzling issues? Wouldn’t you feel more confident in your choices? Wouldn’t you feel more secure knowing […]

Can Anyone Give Me A Psychic Reading About My Love Life?

Please, I need a reading!!! —— I’ve dealt the cards and though not ideal given that there is distance between us, they may give some useful insight. I’m keeping this simple and have dealt three cards while whispering your name. The first card is the Tower and I have laid it out so that it […]

People With Clairvoyant Abilities?

i have a quest. regarding this, you can comment if you like. i went to see a lady who had this ability some time ago and she was even hired by the cops, etc, so she was not a fake, plus she was a very good person. she mentioned this particular man twice (a romantic […]

Ever Been To A Clairvoyant?

Has anything they told you been or come true?

Absolutely Free Online Psychic Reading

Nothing in life is free – or so the cynics say anyway. I disagree though; the sweet memory of a lover, the smile of a child or the sound of raindrops on a tin roof – to mention a few. Actually I am tempted to say, that only the very best things in life are […]

How Do You Differntiate What Is Psychic Intuition And What Is Imagination?

Is there a difference? For example sometimes I have visions of things, and I gues I deem them too good to be true and I just assume its wishful thinking. First one would have to start with a careful working definition of intuition. I think a lot of it is based on unconscious first impressions […]

How Come You Never See A Headline Like ‘psychic Wins Lottery’?

Do you not think these psychic channels on TV that charge premium rate calls are a scam? If you ask a ‘psychic’ they will tell you they cannot use their gifts for personal gain… however, I dont think they are able to do what they claim, its all generalisations and vague statements… I wouldn’t believe […]

I Am Looking For A Free Psychic Reading.?

Hello everyone. I am looking for free phychic readings. I know I’m going to get a lot of stupid responses, but don’t knock someone else’s beliefs. I am not an idiot, I don’t get taken in by scams (Notice how I’m not offering any money?) Basically, my life is in crisis, and I need a […]

I Need The Help Of A Real Clairvoyant A Real Seer If That’s True…?

I think I’m gonna breakdown…its been happening a lot… Im in a corner…and I can’t get out….I think Im going crack-up inside…I don’t know where to seek advice…this isn’t a psychological issue….I need the help of a real clairvoyant a real seer if that’s true….I can’t break down anymore…this is going to get me. Ive […]

Is It Possible For Someone To Be Psychic?

How do you go about becoming psychic? Were you born that way? Did a tramatic experience happen that allowed for u to become that way? I have never had a psychic reading but i am very curious. Depends on your own personal beliefs. If you look closely at quantum physics there are many things there […]

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