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In these uncertain times it is more important than ever to make informed decisions about your future. What if you could call on the skills of a highly intuitive advisor to provide clarity and insight into your life’s most puzzling issues? Wouldn’t you feel more confident in your choices? Wouldn’t you feel more secure knowing that you are on the right path? You deserve having one of the world’s leading online psychic intuitives in your corner.

Thousands of clients have sworn by the accuracy of Jeffry R. Palmer’s intuitive advice and now, you can too. Don’t wait Order your Reading Today.

Learn what previous clients have to say about their email psychic readings on our Testimonials page or discover more about Jeffry. R Palmer

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Absolutely Free Online Psychic Reading

Find TRUE Love - Get a FREE Psychic Reading

Nothing in life is free – or so the cynics say anyway. I disagree though; the sweet memory of a lover, the smile of a child or the sound of raindrops on a tin roof – to mention a few. Actually I am tempted to say, that only the very best things in life are free…

But can you get an absolutely free online psychic reading? No strings attached? No hidden fees or traps, that will send you deep, deep into depth? Sure you can, and you can get free online readings done by some of the very best the Internet has to offer. Below I have made guide to the very best absolutely free online psychic reading available. 1080831_19239025 Please notice, that for most of the sites you need to provide your credit card details to get your free psychic reading. The psychic network obviously hopes that you like the reading, and want to continue the reading after the free psychic reading is over – you are under no obligation to do so, and every psychic network mentioned below honors this 100%.

So, with no further ado, I present you: My Guide To Get An Absolutely Free Online Psychic Reading:

Keen Psychics stars-5

The “grandfather” of all phone psychic networks. Keen Psychics has been around for more that 10 years, and has the largest staff of psychic readers available. You can get all kinds of psychic readings at Keens: Tarot readings, clairvoyant psychic readings, love readings, astrology and horoscopes and much more.

The deal:

Keen offers new customers two very sweet deals:

Now, there is no doubt in my mind, that I strongly suggest the 10 minute deal, but if you insist to get an absolutely free online psychic reading, then you should of course settle for the first one.

Visit Keen Psychics.

LivePerson stars-5

If Keen is the champion on telephone psychic readings, then LivePerson is without doubt The King of Psychic Chat Rooms. You might be skeptical at first, thinking how a “cold reading” is possible via chat, where you don’t even hear the other persons voice? I am sure a lot of people have thoughts like that – I know I did too

Well, some friends of me recommended LivePerson, and I decided to give it a try. I chose the psychic Golden Eye, since she was the psychic with the highest rating and I can honestly say, I had the best psychic reading in a very long time.

I know some people, and my self included, prefer online phone readings, but if you like online psychic chat LivePerson definitely is the beat place to start.

The deal:

Visit LivePerson

Psychic Source stars-5

If a chat reading isn’t your thing, and you’ve already tried Keen, then Psychic Source is the next one you should give a chance. Actually Psychic Source has been the highest rated phone psychic network here on Free Psychic Chat Rooms, and for a very good reason. Psychic Source has THE best screening process for their psychics, which ensures the highest quality in online psychic readings on the entire Internet!

Psychic Source claims to be the best (and I think they are), and to back it up they have a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee – talking about putting your money where your mouth is?

The deal:

Ok, I admit – this is not an absolutely free online psychic reading, but in my humble opinion Psychic Source is well worth spending $10 on. You can, if you prefer, also get a 5 minute reading for… you guessed it – $5.

Visit Psychic Source

More sites where you can get an Absolutely Free Online Psychic Reading will follow – after I have tested them :-) Until then, have a great time on your spiritual journey.

$1 per Minute - California Psychics

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Reviewing: Keen Psychics – Top in its Class!

Find TRUE Love - Get a FREE Psychic Reading

FREE Psychic Reading
Our rating:

I have tried Keen before, actually quite some time ago, and just the other day I decided to give it a try again. I find it is always good to have a regular reading and whether you are in need of tarot readings, astrology readings, love and relationship advice and anything else you need answers to, Keen is my preferred site.

Here is why:

Keen is one of the best and most reputable websites offering psychic readings today. Founded almost 10 years ago, Keen has a very large community of psychics of all kinds ready to answer your questions anytime of the day, or night!

I’m a huge fan of this website, not only because of the huge list of psychics available, but also for the rating system and feedback – it is simply brilliant! You do not have to rely on pure luck when choosing your psychic, instead you can choose a psychic with the speciality you require and then check the rating and feedback for this person. I looked for an experienced psychic, preferably a woman, with a speciality in love readings and with a good rating.

What I really like about Keen is that it works so smooth. Reaching Keen is easy and can be done anytime, anywhere by calling one of the gifted psychics on Keen toll free. Just pick a psychic from the list, click the “Call Now” button, fill in your details and the psychic you picked will call you back immediately – simply excellent!

Originally I had planned just to take the free 3 minute reading, but I quickly decided instead to go for the 10 minute reading for only $1.99, which is available for new customers only. Luckily, I had changed my credit card since the last time I had a reading and was able to take advantage of this fantastic deal.

I picked Anne (her screen name is Soulmate Reader 2002), and she was just great! Very positive … and most of all encouraging; definitely a psychic I will return to.

If you can’t wait for Anne (she is in high demand) you can easily find another good psychic. Just remember to examine both feedback and rating thoroughly, as not all readers are the same.

Another unique feature on Keen is the blogs. Your favorite psychic advisors on Keen are blogging, revealing not only valuable wisdom but also very fun personalities. On the blogs you can explore conversations on tarot, astrology, dating tips, law of attraction, healing wisdom, and much more.

Keen is highly recommended and offers the best in psychic readings, tarot readings, astrology readings, love readings and relationship advice from trusted advisors. You should definitely go ahead and give it a try – remember it’s FREE :-)

10 Minutes for $1.99

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    Live Online Psychic Reading – Step by Step

    Find TRUE Love - Get a FREE Psychic Reading

    Engaging in a live online psychic reading might be intimidating at first; What should I ask for?, What will the psychic medium think of me? Can I trust this person or not? And many other questions.

    In this article I’ll take you through the steps in your first psychic chat, so you will know what to expect and ask for.

    Know you topic – what do you want to know something about?

    It is important that you ask yourself what you want answers to in the free psychic reading. Is it about you love life, about relationships, your career or anything something else in your life?

    Although you might have several questions covering several topics, choose one major topic for your online psychic reading. Write down your major topic and your questions to that topic. You might not get an answer to all of your questions, but failing to have a list might leave your frustrated when the reading is finished if you forgot some of your most important questions.

    Choose you psychic chat room carefully.

    When you have determined the topic for your first online psychic chat, it is time to visit the psychic chatrooms. There are a lot of free psychic chat rooms and a lot of psychic chat sites where you have to pay.

    Be sure to shop around and read what the different psychic sites has to offer and what kind of fee they charge you.

    You may find free tarot readings online, but remember that psychics can’t make a living of giving away their skills – the free clairvoyant readings or free physic readings are just small demonstrations of what you can expect in the full paid reading.

    One of the many FREE psychic websites that I can honestly recommend is Keen Psychics – they offer
    FREE Psychic Readings here!

    Decide what kind of reading you want.

    Are you looking for free clairvoyant readings or free tarot readings online? Or real psychic readings ? It is important to know the difference between the different mediums and their psychic skills when looking for live online psychic readings. Different types of psychics have different ways of conducting the reading, and you have to be familiar with the tools and methods they use, otherwise you might feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable.

    I will explain the different kinds of free psychic readings in another post, just mention a few here:

    • Tarot card reading
    • Clairvoyance
    • Astrology
    • Crystal Ball gazing
    • Telepathy

    – and many more.

    Choose your psychic medium.

    The success of a free psychic reading is very much depending of mutual trust and respect. Don’t just pick the first psychic medium that the site offers. Instead you should read about this mediums specific area of expertise and experience. Is the psychic a specialist in love readings or career guidance? For how long has the psychic been exercising his or her skills? What kind of references and exams and psychic certifications does the psychic hold? Do not be afraid to ask these questions up front – a real psychic readings medium will have no trouble in answering whatever questions you might have.

    Take a test drive.

    After determining the topic for the reading, deciding which psychic chat room to use and which specific psychic medium to try, it is time to make a test drive.

    First you should engage in free physic readings, where you can ask the medium some initial questions to see if you indeed trust this person and feel comfortable. Remember that some free physic readings may be public, so do not disclose any private information. Use your list from step one and use this as your guideline throughout the reading. If you are content with the progress of the free physic reading, you can then accept to continue the reading for the fee agreed upon.

    Evaluate your experience.

    It is easy to feel very overwhelmed after a free psychic reading, even more so if it is your first, but take your time to reflect upon the reading and your feelings about it.

    • Was is what you had expected?
    • Did you like and trust the psychic?
    • Were you questions answered?
    • Did you understand the psychic and was he or she listening to what you had to say?

    After evaluating the live online psychic reading you can decide if that kind of reading was something for you and if the psychic was good for you.

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    How To Phone A Psychic

    Find TRUE Love - Get a FREE Psychic Reading

    Telephone psychic readings are great, since you can phone a psychic no matter where in the country you live. Telephone psychics are authentic psychic readings done over the phone, and it is a cheap and quite convenient way to get a psychic reading. Live phone psychic readings can be on any topic you like, love readings, tarot meaning, facade tarot, free clairvoyant readings and so on. Before you phone a psychic it is important to determine what topic you want to concentrate on. Do not expect to get an answer on all of your questions in just one session, so do not try to such things. Most telephone psychic readers also have a psychic websites, where you can see who you are talking to and also read about their skills and special talents. The phone psychic might also give free physic readings as a test, so you can decide if this psychic reader is one you trust – trust is the most important thing when you phone a psychic. The telephone psychics may also have a psychic chat room where you can chat with others like you who are interested in psychic experiments, psychic readings and maybe also psychic exercises.

    Be sure to look for free psychic readings, free tarot reading online, and free clairvoyant readings when wanting free physic readings. Telephone psychic readings are like live online psychic reading done as free psychic email readings. John Edwards psychic makes real psychic readings, email psychic reading but not free psychic readings. Tarot meaning is using psychic cards to psychic interactive.

    Psychic chat room and free psychic chat rooms are everywhere on the net and you just have to find the best psychic website where they offer an authentic psychic reading with a online psychic.

    Some psychic websites offer todays horoscopes, like Keen psychics website.

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    Psychic Physic Readers and Physic Readings

    Find TRUE Love - Get a FREE Psychic Reading

    Naming you REAL LOVER is one of the powers that these very special psychics physic readers have. Reading both yours and your partners mind, they are able to reveal if your love is for real or if you are not with your true love. If you do not have a partner, some psychic physic readers are able to tell you the name of the one that loves you the most.
    The physic reader can also see where and how you will live your life in the future, if you will travel and what kind of jobs you will have.
    A question many couples would like the psychic to answer is whether they will have children or not and how many. You can of course phone a psychic, or have a email psychic reading, but many choose a live online psychic reading together with their partner.
    Authentic psychic readings can be difficult to find, but a good place to start is Horoscope Junkie , as they offer free facade tarot.
    Another good source is, where you can find free psychic email readings and free tarot reading online.
    A psychic I can personally recommend is Keen Psychics – here you will find real psychic readings. The well know John Edwards psychic site does not offer free physic readings, but is well worth the money.

    Other articles about physic readings:

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    Free Physic Readings

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    Real Psychic Readings

    Find TRUE Love - Get a FREE Psychic Reading

    Psychic readers helps to confirm that there is life after death.

    Our dear survives death and they go to a place not separated by distance but by dimension. And yes they are, as we knew them on the Earth. The only thing they leave through death is the physical body and earthly goods, everything else is with them. To communicate with them we need authentic psychic readings.

    This alone provides an enormous comfort to the mourning. And just as wonderful it is that we must survive what we call death too.
    In many ways, death is compared with a trip. If you went to a foreign country or moving away from those you love, what would be the first thing you did after you arrived at your new destination? Most of us would call home and let our loved ones know that we were well arrived. Like so with the spirits wishing to let us know that they arrived and are doing well. Real psychic readings can be a "telephone connection" where communication and contact is disseminated.
    Why do some want to communicate with their loved ones in the spiritual world, what will be achieved through authentic psychic readings and what bearing has this on the spiritual world? Why does the spirit want to come back and communicate with their loved ones on the ground and what kind of information the spirits trying to communicate to us here on Earth?

    Why seek real psychic readings through physic readers?

    Spiritual communication and real psychic readings helps to assemble what seems to have been separated or lost through death, love and interaction with our loved ones. We are looking for spiritual communication because we want to know if our dear survives death and if they do, where are they and who are they with and if they are the same people whom we knew and loved when we were together on earth?
    In short, why would the spirit of the body seek to establish contact with the spirit outside the body and vice versa.

    When a medium can communicate with our loved ones in the spiritual world it can be a huge resource of redemption and healing in particular. This is authentic psychic readings. How often have we not seen our loved ones contact us from the spiritual world through a medium to express that they are sorry for mistakes made in the past. This applies not only to those in the body here on earth but also in spirit. The ability to say "sorry" can be incredibly healing for all involved. Although death is not just suddenly giving us insight into every aspect of life, miracles and mysteries it does change a lot. The spirit sees things from a different perspective. The fact that an individual is awakened in spirit, alive and well may be the most amazing redemption in itself. On the other hand, the spirit is eager to get in touch with their loved ones on the ground as they have come to see how they have changed after the deceased left his physical body.

    Finally, what would spirit wish to tell us through real psychic readings…

    Some psychics can in a live online psychic reading provide names, addresses, telephone numbers, license plates and other practical information. Ever so interesting this might be, what does it prove or demonstrate? It proves that there is some connection established between the psychic and the sitter. But does it prove that there is life after death, proves that the media or psychic is in contact with your loved ones in the spiritual world? Is that authentic psychic readings? Not necessarily. If you were to die and was given an opportunity, perhaps the only one to communicate to your dear what would you say to them, would you really give them your old address or phone number or talk about money? Would you perhaps better share who you are, the nature of your personality, what you liked and did not like, what motivated you in your life, talk about the memories you shared with your loved ones … In other words, would you not prefer to assure that it really was you who were there with your loved ones and that you were well?

    This is the difference between a medium and a psychic

    A psychic can give names and addresses but a medium, one which has affected and been in touch with your spirit may also convey the essence, love and spirit of the person. And that leads to the greatest proof and consolation to those who griefs. Thereby we have one of the main reasons why people are seeking genuine spiritual communication and real psychic readings. But we also have one of the biggest sources of disappointment for people visiting psychics.

    Psychics must care for the sensitivity – it is not only for the vibrations from the person in the spiritual world – but also the causes of that spirit of seeking communication with spirit.This is the purpose of a live online psychic reading.

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    Telephone Psychic Readings

    Find TRUE Love - Get a FREE Psychic Reading

    A lot of people laughs about the concept of telephone psychic readings. Some will, however, say right out that they do not believe in real psychic readings or they discount the possibility of authentic psychic readings. Many peoples scepticism is due to the fact that there are too many fake phone a psychic on psychic websites and it is difficult to find the real phone psychics from the fakes when getting telephone psychic readings.

    Before you contact a phone psychic make sure you check the psychic websites when looking for telephone psychic readings. Finding reliable and real psychic readings and phone psychics as well is as difficult as finding a reliable and quality attorney.

    These days telephone psychic readings are offered for a lot of money, from about one dollar to more than ten dollars ,a minute for a qualified phone psychic reading at telephone psychics.

    Some likes to phone a psychic, since the telephone psychic readings are a bit more anonymous than face to face readings, while others prefer the personal interaction like live online psychic readings. If both of these possibilities scares you a bit, why not try free psychic email readings?

    Having your very first telephone psychic readings can be a bit scary a first. When you first phone a psychic you might feel confused, but remember that authentic psychic readings really can change your life.

    When receiving phone psychic advice trust is most important. The more open you can be in the contact with the physic readers, the better the phone psychic reading will be for you. What to look out for, is the psychic readers asking too many questions about you – this is a sure sign of a cold reading, and the telephone psychic readings will be worthless. Remember that the physic readers are the one with the answers and not you.

    Another interesting view on telephone psychic readings:

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    Free Clairvoyant Readings

    Find TRUE Love - Get a FREE Psychic Reading

    Get to Know yourself / Learn to listen to your inner coach = Spiritual Growth

    A lof of Clairvoyants gives free clairvoyant readings . They know we have lived before and is embodied  or reincarnated again and again  –  if  this is true we are just actors in different roles.

    But this theater is a different theater,  and there is no script.  Therefore, there is  nothing called error,  EVERYTHING is development,  and we must  learn by trying.

    Many people  struggle with questions like these:

    • Who am I?
    • Where is the joy in my life?
    • Where is the love in my life?
    • Why am I always so  unlucky?
    • Why can not I lose  weight ?
    • Why can’t I stop smoking?
    • Why am I not rich?
    • Why does no one like me?
    The list of questions is endless.
    • I work with “clairvoyance”  – Know yourself concept in the way that I teach people that they contain all the answers.
    • I open  their soul, so they again  will have a connection with the Universe and their spiritual helpers.
    • Together we open the closed doors that separates man from his divinity (soul)
    • I send people a tour of souls, where they  will get in contact with their spiritual helpers and  feels the freedom of the soul “itself”, and they  will be well equipped for a brighter, loving , more peaceful life on mother earth.

    Many people have a sense of not knowing themselves, I can help you  to get to know yourself and your Divine force (secret). We are all  reincarnated on  earth  with some goals and a mission. I can  help you remember your goals and your mission on earth,  that YOU  selected  when you reincarnated.
    Free clairvoyant readings can be the first step on your way to happiness – real psychic readings.
    I can help you find  the meaning in your life. Your soul is a  spirit in a Magic Lamp  which can make you  HEALTHY /  RICH / HAPPY / and be  the  free soul ALL people deserve to be.
    I believe that we create our lives through our thoughts ” Force of Thought” during a live online psychic reading.
    The Universal Law of attraction:
    • Bright  thoughts  brings a bright and happy life.
    • Dark thoughts brings a dark and sad life.
    The choice is yours!

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    Need a Free Psychic Chat Room?

    Find TRUE Love - Get a FREE Psychic Reading

    So you have decided to look for a free psychic chat room ? A quick search for a Free Psychic Chat Rooms or "Paranormal Chat Rooms " in your favorite search engine returns a huge amount of hits, and choosing between them might seem as an almost impossible task. In this post I’ll go through the biggest and most popular sites and describe what services they offer. is a quite large site, offering multiple chat rooms with sound effects, insertable mini-pics and a lot of actions. You can meet Psychics, Mystics, Mediums, Tarot Readers, Clairvoyants, Savants, Rune Readers and a wide variety of people that share your interests. Membership in the chat rooms are free, but if you want in dept readings, horoscopes you will have to pay a fee. The site offers a free newsletter. offers Psychics/Clairvoyants, Astrologers and Tarot Card Readings over the telephone or via Private Chat Room giving on demand Psychic Readings or Tarot Readings by appointment. Membership is free. is one of the more serious sites, and offers a wide range of free services: free tarot card readings, free psychic advice column, free chat room for psychic matters, free love spells and free daily horoscopes including free pet horoscopes and free celtic horoscopes . The site offer free newsletters and free mailing lists. 
    The site is run by Lady Morgana who is Certified Empath, Psychic, and High Priestess. offers Psychic Readings and provides phone psychic readings and advice to help with matters of love, life, relationships, money, career and many more. Psychic Healing , Psychic Love Advice , and Tarot Card Readings are among their paid services. offers Psychic Reading, Astrology Reports, Phone Reading, Dream Interpretation,  Numerology, Free Psychics Public Chat Room . The free psychic chat rooms have special events. The site also offers Webcam Video Chat Readings witch is private webcam psychic readings live with a psychic.

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    The Secret to Free Psychic Chat Rooms (are they worth the money?)

    Find TRUE Love - Get a FREE Psychic Reading

    Free Psychic Chat Rooms – does it sound too good to be true? Are they worth, if not your money, then at least your time and effort? I would have to say yes, but you have to look careful and do some investigating before jumping in. While there truly gifted psychics offering their services, there also are a lot of bogus psychics who have no talent at all but to cheat innocent people.
    Free Psychic Chat Rooms are rapidly growing, and you are able to engage in psychic chat 24/7. These gifted, honest and caring people who offer their aid to those in call for spiritual guidance and an live online psychic reading are definitely worth your time and – maybe – your money. They might not all of them be clairvoyant or posses "a sixth sense", but those who do are truly an experience.

    Before you engage in a paid psychic session , you should try to get a feel for the psychic medium and the website itself. After that try out the free psychic chat in order to find out if the psychic can tune into you or not.
    I personally took part in a Free Online Psychic Chat for the first time two weeks ago, which really opened my mind to the psychic world. I had a specific issue that I was dealing with, and without disclosing this to the psychic medium I got a straightforward and very useful advice in a eye-opening live online psychic reading. I would never make a life altering decision on the basis of a direct instruction by someone, but the advise was obvious and simple.
    The best feature of these free psychic chat rooms is the ability to chose a psychic within the exact area of expertise that you need. Whether it is Tarot Card Reading, Horoscope, Love Reading, Celtic Astrology, Pet Astrology, Contact with Deceased Loved Ones or something completely different.
    I am quite sure I will visit this psychic again for another live online psychic reading, and when I do I will let you know about it.

    Do you have an experience with a Free Psychic Chat Room as well? Please tell us about it!

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    Stress Free Free Psychic Chat Rooms

    Find TRUE Love - Get a FREE Psychic Reading

    When choosing an online psychic it is important to look at concepts of credibility, reliability, honesty and trust . The question that needs to be answered is "How do I choose a psychic for a live online psychic reading that possesses these characteristics?"

    Moreover, some are confused by conflicting information from different psychics. Who and what should you rely on when there is conflicting information?

    In all professions the above mentioned concepts all play a role to a smaller or larger extent. Both when we send our car to the workshop and when we open our mouth to the dentist, we expect that the credibility, reliability, honesty and trust to be present. The greater the degree of presence of these concepts the better benefits and results we achieve.

    It is an important thing to choose your psychic or clairvoyant with care. This can not be stressed enough! Make sure in your choice of psychic or clairvoyant to be very aware of the communication itself. Listen to yourself, does this seem as a person you can trust? Is there an immediate good chemistry? The ethics of the psychic must be in order. This means for instance the the psychic should not tune in on persons under 15 years of age without their permission.

    Always ask if you are in doubt, so that you understand the content itself and the tools and advice you get. The psychic should be directly in the questions and answers and not only provide the answers that each client wants to hear.
    And remember that a psychic or clairvoyant can not explain the other psychics messages and information, as a single wrong wording may be crucial in a wrong perception of the overall image of a particular theme.

    In the election of a psychic / clairvoyant / medium, it is always a good idea to ask how he or she have acquired their skills in live online psychic readings. Whether they received a real training / education and if they are a member of an organization.

    There are many free psychic chat rooms , and hopefully this post has provided you with some questions you need to ask both your self and the psychic of your choice.

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    How to choose the right Free Psychic Chat Room

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    Online psychic readings has grown immensely popular over the last decade, and a look on the many message boards, blog posts and banner ads shows that this service often is offered for free. But take care – many of these are frauds and scam artists looking out to cheat people seeking advice and guidance in their lives. Offering free psychic readings or live online psychic reading, these scam artists are making it difficult for honest and real psychic mediums to get the credit and respect they deserve.

    And there ARE good, honest psychics online – this post will help you avoid the pitfalls and find the true gems.

    So, first of all, the question you might ask yourself is: “are ANY of the free psychic chat rooms really any good?” Well, definitely not all of them, but some of them are. They offer the free chat rooms as a sort of trial on their abilities and this is your chance to make your own judgment on their honesty and skills before actually buying their psychic readings.

    The free chat rooms are most often semi public (within the chat room of course), and the readings are not in debt readings, but should rather be seen as proof of the psychics skills. Of course psychics need to make a living too, and they just can’t give away their service for free. Instead they hope that their readings in the free psychic chat room will convince you to take on their service.

    But how do you choose the right live online psychic reading and what shall you look for BEFORE spending both your time and your money?

    1. The absolute best thing is to have the psychic recommended from a close friend or another person that you trust. Nothing beats personal experience and you should examine your entire network for experiences with online psychic readings. Even the negative ones will help you to know which ones to avoid.

    2. If you start your search in your favorite search engine, don’t just type “free psychic readings” and blindly choose among the hit. You’ll probably end up with a no good fraud. Instead try using words like authentic, ethic, professional, licensed and similar terms. Chances are that you will avoid the most obvious cons.

    3. In the site descriptions look for wording like “professional psychic readings “, “free psychic chat rooms “, “licensed psychic medium ” and the like. These are probably the ones you should look at in further detail.

    4. When examining the website first take a holistic view: what is your overall impression of the site? Does is appeal to you, and does the wording and design of the site fit together? Do they offer a free trail? Are there any feed back from members? Maybe a forum with comments, which you can use to get a general feeling of the site? The word feeling is central here – does this site feel good to you?

    5. If the site has passed the previous steps, you are ready to examine their free trial offer in more detail. Does the site offer a free newsletter with information on psychic readings and similar subjects? If so, this might indicate a site being serious – look for previous newsletters before signing up. Does the site offer free psychic chat rooms ? If so, please remember that these readings are not thoroughly readings, but rather a free test on the psychics abilities, so take them for what they are – free trials.

    Hopefully the above advice will help you avoid the scammers and find the real and honest psychic readers for a live online psychic reading. And even if you do end up with a dishonest or just plain un-talented person, don’t give up – keep looking and you will find the right psyches medium for you.

    Please feel free to leave a comment on your experiences – good as well as bad.

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    Can Anyone Give Me A Psychic Reading About My Love Life?

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    Please, I need a reading!!!


    I’ve dealt the cards and though not ideal given that there is distance between us, they may give some useful insight.
    I’m keeping this simple and have dealt three cards while whispering your name.
    The first card is the Tower and I have laid it out so that it represents something that has occured in the past. This indicates that your relationship has undergone a dramatic shift in the recent past. There have been changes and I sense that these changes are related to an emotional state of mind. These changes of feelings have caused disruption in your relationship. I’m sensing hurt and upset and feel that the card is telling me that you feel that these changes have a negative impact on your relationship. At the moment, I have to be honest and say that I don’t really know if these changes relate to you or your partner.
    I have now dealt a second card which represents what is happening in the present. Oh dear! The Ten of Swords. This card represents despair and hopelessness. Once again, no clear feeling as to whether this is refering to yourself or your partner is coming out. Sorry, but I can’t force it. The card could represent your relationship itself, of course. Maybe you or your partner have experienced an inability to sleep or to focus on work etc. The feelings regarding the relationship are therefore affecting other areas of life. There’s a sense that there is no way out or that the way to contentment cannot be reached at the present time.
    I’ve just dealt the third card which represents the future. The Moon. The card of fear. But immediately I have to say that although there is fear present in either your mind or that of your partner, there is hope that the fear can be faced and managed. This could be a fear of the next step in the relationship. A fear of the dramatic change that has occured recently in the past (represented by the Tower card). It could be a fear of committing to the relationship or committing to the change.
    The cards show a relationship in transition. It is shifting gear but the two people involved are struggling with this shift.
    I can’t be more precise because I need this to be a two-way conversation between us.

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    People With Clairvoyant Abilities?

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    i have a quest. regarding this, you can comment if you like. i went to see a lady who had this ability some time ago and she was even hired by the cops, etc, so she was not a fake, plus she was a very good person. she mentioned this particular man twice (a romantic interest) but when i went for a second reading (and my last one) she mentioned him too but what surprised me was that she didn’t in fact say that was it and we’d be together. so that probably means he’s not the one right but then why did she mention him at all. understand i’m not addicted to these things but it was a nice piece of news :)

    Unfortunately to the scientific community, this type of ability is not recordable or measurable, therefore science tends to doubt anything that can’t be proven. There are people who do have this ability, however, what they see is open to interpretation. To actually connect the picture to words that would have meaning is difficult as often, it is a feeling that surrounds the picture. The difference in a dream of someone who is a stranger to you and someone who is familiar to you is a feeling. When you dream of this, you the dreamer knows the person because you can feel it.
    As someone who is truly clairvoyant, she may also see things that are not good. It would not do to be the bearer of bad news because: most of the time, people won’t believe you or you would avoid her after finding out some even that comes to past, but is not good news.

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    Ever Been To A Clairvoyant?

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    Has anything they told you been or come true?

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    How Do You Differntiate What Is Psychic Intuition And What Is Imagination?

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    Is there a difference?
    For example sometimes I have visions of things, and I gues I deem them too good to be true and I just assume its wishful thinking.

    First one would have to start with a careful working definition of intuition. I think a lot of it is based on unconscious first impressions myself, you have information and assumptions and you calculate all the variables and decide before you are aware that you are doing so.
    So, what would psychic intuition even be? Knowing before you met a person how you would feel about them? Just knowing something is wrong (or right) without any information? Again this needs a careful definition.

    Imagination can become true (I see her saying yes, I see her saying yes) just like institution could come true ( I have a feeling she will say yes, I have a feeling she will say yes). Would psychic intuition be “I will meet a girl today that will say yes, I will meet a girl today that will say yes”?

    One could say that confirmation could be evidence “I felt that something was wrong with mom and I called home and she had burnt her hand” or something like that I suppose.

    Many things are too good to be true I say pursue them anyway.

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    How Come You Never See A Headline Like ‘psychic Wins Lottery’?

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    Do you not think these psychic channels on TV that charge premium rate calls are a scam?

    If you ask a ‘psychic’ they will tell you they cannot use their gifts for personal gain… however, I dont think they are able to do what they claim, its all generalisations and vague statements… I wouldn’t believe a ‘psychic’ if they told me it was going to rain tomorrow.
    while I do believe that almost everyone has a degree of psychic ability, (how many times have you thought of someone out of the blue and then got a phone call or letter from them?) I don’t believe that it is possible to predict the future to the degree that so-called ‘psychics’ claim.
    and so we never get the headline ‘Psychic wins lottery!’

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    I Am Looking For A Free Psychic Reading.?

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    Hello everyone. I am looking for free phychic readings. I know I’m going to get a lot of stupid responses, but don’t knock someone else’s beliefs. I am not an idiot, I don’t get taken in by scams (Notice how I’m not offering any money?)
    Basically, my life is in crisis, and I need a good, honest psychic to give me a little insight and help.

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    I Need The Help Of A Real Clairvoyant A Real Seer If That’s True…?

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    I think I’m gonna breakdown…its been happening a lot…
    Im in a corner…and I can’t get out….I think Im going crack-up inside…I don’t know where to seek advice…this isn’t a psychological issue….I need the help of a real clairvoyant a real seer if that’s true….I can’t break down anymore…this is going to get me. Ive been wronged by powerful people..and they won…and I have been left with the pieces…its been too long. I don’t know what to do?

    A clairvoyant can help, sometimes if genuine they can, as they can make things clear to you, they can make you realize reasons why your feeling a certain way . I don’t know where your from but i see a clairvoyant who is very active in my area , she works with the police etc.

    I was very unsure at first of clairvoyants as i had been conned too many times by fake ones…this lady was unbelievbly spooky and told me things no one could know..and after it i was left feeling so refreshed and relaxed.

    By the way I’m from Australia so probably no good to you, but keep trying not everyone needs a psychologist sometI’mes simple things can reprieve us..  However im not discrediting psychologist’s in anyway .
    Good luck and keep your chin up.

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    Is It Possible For Someone To Be Psychic?

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    How do you go about becoming psychic? Were you born that way? Did a tramatic experience happen that allowed for u to become that way? I have never had a psychic reading but i am very curious.

    Depends on your own personal beliefs.
    If you look closely at quantum physics there are many things there which indicate the possibility of being able to manipulate the environment around us via the use of brainwaves or other sources of energy manipulation. i.e. dualism, string theory etc.
    I have always been aware of something “odd” with me since the age of 9 and started to properly get into it at the age of 13. I did go through a major surge of psychic phenomena at the age of 15, which one of my pagan friends (she’s been a pagan for over 30 years) described as me going through my “quickening”, which is a period of time where your metaphorical psychic doors burst open and you receive a massive flood of energies/extra sensory information which can be very hard to focus on and control.
    Took me many months and years to meditate and learn how to focus these abilities so much so that they didn’t affect my day-to-day life any more.

    No truamatic experience has attributed to my psychic powers (although I did have a near-death experience but I haven’t been able to verify if that would’ve been responsible for anything). As far as I’m aware, a traumatic experience would be more likely to close you up, as you are focussing so much on your fear/grief, whatever the traumatic experience had produced.

    So, yes, it’s possible to be psychic. Having psychic abilities is like being able to draw, but it’s not as common. It’s definitely some your born with. I’ve found it tends to skip generations. So if the grandmother is psychic, one of her grandchildren will also be psychic.

    There are many people that fake being psychic. The way you can tell a true psychic is if you don’t have to be there while they give the reading. They don’t need anything from you. They meditate and tune into your wave spiritual wavelength. When this happens, they almost become part of you. They then write down how they feel and what they’re thinking. They don’t predict a definite future for you. They predict a likely future if you keep doing whatever it is you’re doing. Your future is not cast in stone.

    I’ll tell you about something that happened to me. I had a reading that mentioned I would be going on a trip. I was warned not to stay to long or it would cost me a lot of money. Later that year, I went out to visit my parents. I intended to stay for two weeks. But while I was there I extended the trip.

    And then I extended it again. I couldn’t extend it anymore than that because I had to get back home. On the last day of my second extension, I got into an accident in my father’s truck. My insurance wouldn’t cover it. And I had to pay $2500 to get the truck fixed. If I hadn’t extended the trip a second time, I never would have gotten into that accident. I was warned not to stay too long. But I did. And it cost me.
    Let me know if you’d be interested in a reading. I can refer you to a true psychic.

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